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A Simple, AMAZING Butter Board Recipe

How to Make Your Butter Board

This is one of the easiest food trends to replicate right now! It only takes a few steps, and then you'll be enjoying YOUR tasty butter board.


Spread Your Butter: On a square board, spread the softened, room-temperature butter evenly on the board with a knife or a spoon. Leave a "safe space" around the edge so you can cover and carry your board.


Add a drizzle of honey over the top of your spread and around the edge as decor.

Grate: Grate some lemon zest and to sprinkle on top of the butter and honey.

Add your favorite dried fruits: Top with tangerines, peaches, strawberries, etc.

Sprinkle coarse sea salt on top of your board, then top with fresh rosemary.


Now you're ready to serve with your favorite crusty bread.


Your board can be covered in the refridgerator if you need to prep it ahead of time. Be sure to remove it a few hours before serving so it's nimce and soft.

Ingredients for Your Butter Board

Easy-to-find and easy-to-work-with ingredients are the foundation of a great Butter Board, and can be interchanged to suit YOUR specific tastes.


  • Butter: Get a quality butter that is softened to room temps.
  • Honey: Drizzle the honey on top to add a sweet flavor to the butter and offset some of the richness of the experience.
  • Lemon Zest: Will bring a tang. Finely grate it with your coarse grater to your taste - a little or a lot.
  • Dried Fruit: Tangerines, peaches, strawberries, or your other favorite dried fruits are the perfect way to decorate the board and to bring a delicious bite to complement your butter.


  • Coarse Sea Salt: Sprinkle on generously to enhance the butter’s flavor and the texture of your butter board. Salt will bring a depth and richness to all of your ingredients.
  • Fresh Rosemary: Adding fresh rosemary sprigs brings both beauty to your board, and adds a delightful fresh earthy taste.
  • Crostini Bread:A hard and crusty bread is the best for scooping the board. Entertaining a large group? Be sure and have lots of butter knives and other utinsels handy.

Butter It Up! Great Ingredients to Add to Your Butter Board

Butter (of course!)
Sliced or Chopped Nuts
Fresh Garlic

Zested Citrus
Sea Salt
Pickled Onions

Fresh Herbs
Thinly Sliced Fruit
Roasted Tomatoes
Pepper Flakes
Green Onions

Small Cuts of Salami
Edible Flowers for Color

Tips & Tricks for a Perfect Butter Board

Use a Top-Quality Butter.

It's the MAIN ingredient, so don't cut corners. Choose a sweet cream cultured, or even homemade butter for your board. Don't look to save a few cents here by picking up the store brand's least expensive box. You want full-bodied flavored butter that has depth and richness that comes with quality.


Room Temperature

Make sure your butter is ready for the board. Take it out of refridgerator several hours before use. Make sure your butter's never been melted. If you want to add a base of flavor into your butter, you can use your hand processor to add finely-chopped garlic, flavored salts, herbs such as rosemary, and even a touch of olive oil.  


Butter is HEAVY.

Choose ingredients that lift and compliment this heavy, fatty food. Salt, sweet, and acids are great choices. Taste as you go and play with your favorite ingredients and how much you put on your board. Look for textures and variety that will bring your guests back for more.


Be Bread Mindful.

Butter is the star, but every bite is riding on a bit of bready goodness so consider which loaves you lay out by it's side. Go fresh. Whether you bake or buy, get that bread the same day you serve. Cut carefully. Make easy-to-hold, nibble-perfect sized cuts, and have your breads complement the theme of your board. Costini or a crunchy baguette will add bite to you blend. If you're going sweet, don't be afraid of a lovely cinnamon rasin or orange swirl. If you can swing it... serve your bread warm from the oven and make it an even better treat.


Balance Your Board.

Butter is rich. Really, no one wants a mouthful of JUST butter, so be sure you have a variety of unique, offsetting ingredients well placed all over your board. Add sweet, savory, and tart ingredients that will make each bite a sheer delight.



Everything Included:

Acacia Wood Cheese Knives

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✓ Made from Renewable Acacia

✓ 4 Texture-Specific Blade Designs

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✓ Plastic Bottle-Gripping Ring

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Wood Slotted Serving Spoon

✓ Beautiful & Sustainable

✓ Large Design with Comfortable Grip

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✓ Won't Scratch Pots & Pans

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Cheese Grater

✓ Stainless Steel Blade & Frame

✓ Designed to Grate the Finer Things

✓ Non-Slip Rubber Grip

✓ Ultra-Fine Blade Pattern

✓ Non-Slip Cutting Board Support

Retail Value: $7

Wood Turner

✓ Beautiful & Sustainable

✓ Large Design with Comfortable Grip

✓ Beautiful & Durable

✓ Won't Scratch Pots & Pans

✓ Heat Resistant

Retail Value: $5


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